Table Dismantling / Slate Crating

Pool table dismantling is also known as “teardown” or “disassembly”.

The Pool Table Doctor can dismantle any brand or style of pool table. Although this service does not take as long as others we give the same amount of care as if we where assembling it. It is important to make sure all of the hardware stays in tacked and all pieces stay together. Unfortunately, many times we have ran into installers not keeping things together and new parts and hardware were needed to be able to complete a re-assemble costing our customers un-needed expenses.

Dismantling is not only for moving but most commonly needed for customers having their floors replaced. We can get to a home and have the pool table dismantled in roughly an hour. We will move it into another room or into the garage.

Other tables are needed to be dismantled do to moving out of state. We can help you with loading it into the moving truck for you for the same price. Crating is not necessary for moving yourself, however moving companies require it so if this is the case we can crate it as well for an additional charge.

Slate Crating

Slate crating is required by most major moving companies, especially if moving out of state!

Crate is created on-site

Without proper crating, the slate can break during shipping

The Pool Table Doctor offers custom pool table slate crating. We will dismantle any slate pool table assuming it has 3 pieces and package it in our custom designed crate for safe and secure transporting. Every crate is built onsite to ensure a custom fit for your specific size pool table.

Licensed and Insured

The Pool Table Doctor is proud to serve the following cities:

Florida: Central Florida, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Daytona, Miami
Arizona: Phoenix

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