Bumper / Cushion Replacement

The Pool Table Doctor offers cushion (bumper) replacement and repair

Overtime cushion rubber becomes as hard and or dry rotted. This is caused mostly from pool tables being set up in a garage, porch or lots of sunlight beaming through the windows without cover. Other times cushion rubber can do the exact opposite and become squishy like a stress ball. This happens when the pool table has been in a controlled climate but played on constantly for many years like a pool hall. No matter what the circumstance we can fix it!

Cushion in an uncontrolled temperature environment.

Example of continuous play over many years.

Cushion in an uncontrolled temperature environment.


Sand Off and Level

Like New!

Licensed and Insured

The Pool Table Doctor is proud to serve the following cities:

Florida: Central Florida, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Daytona, Miami
Arizona: Phoenix

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